Noise dampening LLFA


LLFA Noise Dampening Cabinet

The LLFA Noise Dampening Cabinet is designed for FAM and FAH fans and is used to dampen noise dispersion into the environment. The noise dampening cabinet is designed for indoor use, but if required, it can be adapted for placement outdoors. The cabinet is manufactured from 1.5 mm thick aluminium zinc plates and is noise insulated with polyurethane foam together with a bitumen mat to dampen structure-borne sound. This dampens noise by approx. 15 dB(A) in case of 50 mm insulation and approx. 20 dB(A) in case of 100 mm insulation.

The fan and noise dampening cabinet are supplied fully assembled with a round duct at the air inlet and outlet. The cabinet features a large door on one side to enable easy access during electric instal- lation, service work and inspection. Sleeve couplings, clamping ribbons and noise dampers are separately available for on-site installation by the customer.


Noise dampening: 15-20 dB(A)

Insulation thickness: 50-100 mm polyurethane foam

Structure-borne noise dampening: 2,6 mm bitumenmat

Fan model: FAM-FAH

Fan size in cabinet: FAM 012 - FAM 063,

FAH 010 - FAH 050


The noise dampening cabinet is supplied complete with the fan mounted inside, ready for on-site placement. It features standard H2 air exhaust. Upon request, other special air exhaust models are available. The noise dampening cabinet is only designed to house direct drive An1 fans. The noise dampening cabinet is supplied in unpainted aluminium zinc plating, but can be supplied in custom colours upon request.




Download product leaflet in pdf format (121 Kb)

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